From glass haircare to skincare brands catering for Gen Alpha, THG-owned pureplay beauty retailer Lookfantastic reveals eight of the biggest trends that will shape the world of beauty in 2024.


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Lookfantastic says dermatological skincare was its fastest-growing category in the UK in 2023 – one of the trends expected to dominate next year

From Barbiecore makeup to skincare savviness, 2023 was the year of trend-led beauty looks. But what will next year hold for health and beauty retailers as customer trends continue to change and evolve? 

Using internal product data combined with the most searched-for products on TikTok and Google, Lookfantastic has revealed the eight beauty trends expected to take centre stage in 2024.

Glassy hair

After the Korean beauty term “glass skin” – referring to a super dewy, smooth, hydrated look – took the internet by storm in 2023, glass haircare is set to have a moment in 2024. 

Keely Gough, managing director of Lookfantastic, says: “Following the rise in micro-trends over the last 12 months, largely influenced by consumer lifestyles and pop culture, we’re expecting to see a cross-category transition in 2024. 

“The popular ‘glass skin’ cosmetics trend, for example, will likely make its way into haircare, as more consumers seek the desired result of glossy or glass-effect locks achieved from oil and serum haircare formulations.”  

Suite dreams 

As customers put efficiency first, overnight skincare treatments and routines that work twice as hard are likely to be key going forward. Sleep-in acne patches, sheet masks and spot treatments will comprise the suite of products as we gear into 2024. 

Gough says: “Ultimately, consumers are looking to gain more by effectively having to do less, so overnight formulas and treatments that reap long-term rewards by working through the night will be key.” 

Macro microtrends

From latte and strawberry makeups to hot-pink Barbiecore, 2023 was the year of microtrends. Lookfantastic’s data revealed that there has been a huge increase in people searching for makeup trends rather than specific products. 

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There was a 240% increase in internal site searches this year for ‘Barbiecore’ beauty

For example, there was a 240% increase in internal site searches this year for ‘Barbiecore’ beauty.  

Microtrends are here to stay as trend-led purchases will continue to be in the spotlight with more and more brands releasing new products to tap into them.

Under the skin

Skincare will continue to be a big focus in 2024 as 51% of people plan to spend more on their daily skincare in 2024, according to data from Global Cosmetic Industry. 

As consumers look to build their skin barrier and improve their skin health to achieve the ‘perfect base’, expert-approved products will be central to makeup routines. 

Dermatological skincare was the fastest-growing category on Lookfantastic in the UK. The pureplay beauty retailer expects the same growth across the category in 2024. 

Gough says: “Dermatological skincare is our fastest-growing category in the UK, as consumers continue to seek recommendations from experts in the medical field.

“We anticipate this to reign supreme through 2024, with ingredient-led routines, microbiome and skin barrier support at the forefront.” 

‘No makeup’ makeup

Makeup samples

Customers are actively searching for trends, not products, online

Elevated natural looks that enhance a person’s inherent radiance while accentuating their features is a trend that’s set to rock the world of beauty next year. 

These include earthy tones and subtle hues that add a pop of glam, while maintaining a light and breathable feel. The aim is to celebrate one’s individuality and natural beauty.

This is likely to trend across categories as the ‘naked nail’ trend is growing among celebrities ditching bright colours for manicured but bare nails for a simple yet classy look.

Alpha bets

Generation Alpha is “breaking the mould by prioritising their beauty routines from a younger age.”

As we gear into 2024, the Lookfantastic report predicts a surge in “skincare-savvy” teens taking charge as more customers lean into the benefits of starting young and treating specific skin issues with prevention and self-care.

Red-hot beauty

Taylor Swift’s Red isn’t the only red thing trending at the moment. Lookfantastic predicts that after 2023’s ‘Barbie pink’, red is set to dominate the beauty world in 2024.  

After making a comeback on fashion runways, vibrant red will be “the go-to colour, symbolising empowerment and self-expression” in beauty. 

It is anticipated that the timeless shade will dominate makeup looks, whether in the form of a dash of colour or all in with a striking look. 

Blurred lines

As the difference between skincare and makeup grows smaller, 2024 promises the rise of beauty products combining both worlds.

Tinted serums, foundations and concealers infused with skincare benefits and hydrating lip products - beauty that prioritises wellness in equal measure is set to dominate. The very definition of beauty is evolving into a more holistic approach encompassing self-care as well as self-expression.