Aldi leads the top 30 most productive multichannel retailers thanks to a product offer that appeals to cash-strapped consumers and its focus on efficiency, a Retail Week report exclusively reveals.  

Top 30 Most Productive Retailers report

The supermarket is followed by rival Lidl, with Watches of Switzerland Group, Currys and Yours Clothing rounding out the top five in The UK’s Top 30 Most Productive Retailers report, produced in association with Zebra Technologies.  

Aldi and Lidl topping the list is reflective of the wider macroeconomic conditions, with consumers continuing to watch their pennies. As a result, Aldi and Lidl have managed to drive sales while focusing on keeping internal costs as low as possible.  

But in a macroeconomic environment where profits are hard to sustain, how can the workforce drive greater value, and perhaps even more importantly, how could technology augment human labour? 

This report fully illuminates the methods driving retailer’s productivity strategies. 

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