Tesco has set up its own weather team to help it stock the right products for the changeable British weather.

The move, which will save hundreds of thousands of pounds in food wastage, will aim to match supply and demand.

Tesco spokesman Jonathan Church said retail food businesses needed to know which food should be put out.

“Getting this right means we do a good job for customers but it can also help avoid food waste which costs money and is bad for the environment,” he said.

Data experts in the team have studied weather and shopping patterns across 12 UK regions in the last three years to find out the change in sales for every degree of temperature and each hour of sunshine in a region.

Findings reveal that a 10ºC rise in temperature results in a 300% hike in sales of barbecue meat and a 50% increase in sales of lettuce at the grocer.

Rise in sales of foods like soups and broccoli is caused by a drop in temperature.

Store managers will now be able to put the right kinds of food and products on the shelf because the system will tailor distribution for different regions.