Tesco has launched its Food News website as it attempts to reassure customers over its supply chain following the horse meat scandal.

The grocery giant, which last month was found to have horse meat in a few of its products, has created the site to communicate its four promises to ensure that horse meat does not appear in its products again.

The website sets out the promises chief executive Philip Clarke made at the National Farmers Union conference yesterday which included putting better controls in place by introducing world-class testing, sourcing more meat closer to home and, where possible, from the UK, working directly with farmers and growers, and creating more transparency.

The site also features a video blog explaining the points.

Food News explains how Tesco tests its products and enables customers to look at all of the 259 items that have been tested so far.

In a newsletter to customers sent out yesterday, which highlights the launch of the website, Clarke said: “I can assure you that everyone at Tesco is committed to ensuring our entire product range offers the highest quality. This applies as much to our Everyday Value range as to our Finest range. We know that, no matter what you spend, everyone deserves to eat well. Whatever a customer is able to afford, there can be no compromise – what’s on the pack (and only what’s on the pack) is what will be in the product.

“Everyone in the food industry has a big job ahead to win back your trust. But I am determined to lead the way, by changing the way Tesco sources food for the better.”