Tesco dedicated space to popular Thanksgiving-related products at its flagship Kensington Superstore for the first time in anticipation of a spike in demand.

An end aisle at the flagship will be stocked with traditional Thanksgiving essentials such as turkey, cranberry sauce, chicken stuffing mix, corn, gravy and cheese. Ingredients to whip up Thanksgiving recipes will also be stocked in the space until December 1.

Haris Deane, Tesco American range buyer said: “Demand for American food and drink products have soared in the last year which is why we have launched our first ever Thanksgiving range in Kensington Superstore and online.

“Thanksgiving is now one of the most important holidays in both the US and the UK, so we have ensured our range includes all Thanksgiving essentials from marshmallows for candied yams to Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix.”