Tesco and Heinz have struck a deal to bring an end to their public spat over pricing. 

The two companies said that the full range of Heinz products will return to Tesco stores and its grocery website “shortly”, more than a week after some of the FMCG giant’s products were pulled from shelves. 

The two food superpowers hit a public impasse after Tesco insisted it would “not pass on unjustifiable price increases to our customers” during the cost of living crisis. 

As a result of the stand-off, Heinz stopped supplying Tesco with its baked beans, tomato ketchup and salad cream. 

Tesco said at the time that “we hope to have this issue resolved soon” and the two sides have now come to a compromise.

A joint statement from the two companies said: “Tesco and Heinz are pleased to have reached an agreement that will see the full range of Heinz products return to Tesco shelves and online, continuing to offer our customers great value on the nation’s favourite Heinz varieties.

“Lorries full of Heinz products including Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Heinz Beanz will hit the road shortly, and Tesco colleagues will be working hard to ensure shelves are filled again over the coming days.

“With British summertime finally here, Tesco shoppers will be able to get all the essentials they need for their perfect summer salad or barbecue, including the Heinz varieties they know and love. It’s great to be back together.”

Tesco became embroiled in a similar row with Mars Petcare earlier this week, but the supermarket giant provided no update on that spat. 

Whiskas cat food and Pedigree dog food have been removed from Tesco shelves as a result of the stand-off.