Turkish ultra-fast delivery firm Getir will be cutting around 10% of its workforce as it plans to “restructure the global organisation to significantly increase operational efficiency”.

Getir mopeds

Getir will focus on five markets, after pulling out of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain

The grocery delivery firm, which also owns Gorillas, employs 23,000 people on five continents. The restructuring will result in 2,500 redundancies.

This follows Getir shutting operations in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain as demand for speedy grocery deliveries has plummeted post-pandemic. 

Getir’s workforce in Germany is likely to be most affected by the restructuring plans. The business said it plans to focus on five key markets: the UK; the US; Germany; the Netherlands; and Turkey.

Getir said: “The Getir network consists of roughly 23,000 people across five countries. This number includes couriers, pickers, and office employees. Regrettably, Getir intends to reduce its team and, with a heavy heart, part ways with approximately 2,500 talented employees across its markets.

“Decisions like these are never taken lightly. However, Getir is determined to do right by all employees affected by the process in line with its values and in full compliance with local laws. Getir is very grateful to all colleagues for their hard work, dedication and significant contributions to the business.

“Getir will continue to operate in Turkey, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. The company remains fully committed to the future of the industry it pioneered eight years ago and will continue to lead it in the future.”