Aldi boss Giles Hurley has promised customers it will be “business as usual” over the festive period despite the ongoing squeeze on supply chains being caused by the chronic lack of HGV drivers.

There have been stark warnings over recent weeks from grocers and other stakeholders about potential food shortages and empty shelves due to a lack of drivers. 

Giles Hurley, CEO - Aldi UK and Ireland

Giles Hurley expects ‘a more festive Christmas than ever before’

But Hurley said because of Aldi’s reduced ranges and the fact it employs over three-quarters of its drivers directly, it was more insulated from the issues facing the sector than some of its competitors. 

“There’s no doubt current circumstances are testing the industry… but it’s business as usual for us,” he said. “I think we’re uniquely placed to weather the storm – we have a refined range and fewer suppliers.

“We actually employ more of our drivers directly than a majority of the market and on leading terms and conditions, and a lot of what we source is British and that means our supply chains are a little shorter and easier to control.”

While Hurley said no grocer was completely immune to inflationary pressures, he said Aldi’s “very unique business model” means the discounter will be able to “insulate customers far better than anyone else”.

Hurley also said he was expecting people to celebrate Christmas more this year than at any other time in the recent past. 

“Our predictions are that this will be a more festive Christmas than ever before, that people will get together like they never have,” he said.