George at Asda has acquired the sourcing division of Turkish clothing supplier GAAT.

George has bought its largest supplier’s sourcing operations to enable “better quality at lower cost”.

GAAT, owned by Türkmen Group and based in Istanbul, works with over 80 manufacturers to manage production in Turkey, Sri Lanka and Egypt for supply to George.

The retailer described GAAT as a “formidable business that has played an integral role in the growth and success of George”.

The acquisition reflects similar moves Asda has already made elsewhere to source more directly.

In 2009, it acquired International Produce, which sources grocery items for the UK business as well as other countries where Walmart trades.

George executive managing director Andrew Moore said: “This is a natural and exciting next step for the business and will help George become even more responsive in delivering style, quality and value as we expand here in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

“We have developed an excellent relationship with GAAT over the last decade.”

He added: “By bringing the GAAT team into the George, Asda and wider Walmart family, it enables us to underpin our quality, value and style credentials, extending our sourcing capabilities to satisfy supply demands from Walmart stores across the world, as we strive to become even more responsive to our customers.”

Türkmen Group chairman Atila Türkmen said: “Our dedicated and passionate team has always been proud of being part of the success story of George.

“I’m confident that working as one team with George, Asda and Walmart colleagues, we are going to take George brand to new heights both in the UK and internationally.”

George at Asda expects to complete the acquisition in the course of the coming quarter.