Genuine Juices took to Twitter to ask Sainsbury’s and Ocado to stock their product – their query bore fruit as the retailers gave punny replies.

Twitter is great for making useful contacts, breaking news stories and, of course, engaging in seemingly useless conversations in which companies can flex their punning talent.

Sainsbury’s and Ocado demonstrated their own punning perfection last week when Genuine Juices asked the retailers why they didn’t stock its product, stating: “Thanks berry much! This doesn’t do us any juice-tice.”

Ocado replied, saying: “Hopefully we can come to some orange-ment”, while Sainsbury’s said: “Who knows, we might even be a pear-fect match!… we’ll be in touch. Cherryo.”

But the award for the best tweet during the exchange goes to Ocado for: “We would say let’s run & get married but we cantaloupe ;-) although we think we’d make a really good pear.”

How peachy.