Card Factory has rolled out hundreds of branded concessions in a new partnership with Australian retailer The Reject Shop.

Card Factory has partnered with the business to roll out 356 concession stands in a five-year supply agreement.

This is the first international partnership for Card Factory following a successful trial in 2019, and each store will sell a full range of Card Factory’s stock of between 1,200 and 1,500 cards.

Card Factory chief executive Karen Hubbard said: “We are delighted to have completed the rollout of our partnership with The Reject Shop.

“Its customers’ response to our products is testament to the strength of our quality value offer and we believe that with this partnership we have the potential to be the leading greeting card retailer in Australia. This is our first international partnership and we are excited about the opportunity to apply this model in other markets.”

The Reject Shop chief executive Andre Reich said: “Card Factory is a fantastic partner and we are delighted with the reaction so far.

“Its quality value offer is highly complementary to our own and, from the way it has chosen the range and display, it clearly understands our customers.

“Since the rollout, we have seen significant volume increases in our stores and we were delighted with the recent launch of Card Factory’s Valentine’s range, which also saw a sharp rise in volumes.”