Our unofficial guide to the World Cup
England's second-round clash with Ecuador hit the high street much harder than expected, according to the latest figures from FootFall. With the later kick-off, retailers had hoped shoppers would shop as normal on Sunday, but footfall was down more than 20 per cent compared with last year as people chose to spend the build-up to the match away from the shops.

Midweek footfall figures remained largely unaffected by the football, but if current trends continue, next Saturday's quarter-final fixture against Portugal could see the biggest drop in shopper numbers yet.

On a positive note, beer sellers have never had it so good. Sales have reached record levels over the tournament, according to data from Carlsberg. Take-home sales have increased by 30 per cent, while pub sales have soared by 66 per cent. Overall sales have risen 50 per cent in June.