Our unofficial guide to the World Cup
Shopper numbers in Germany increased by record levels following the national team's victory over Ecuador on Tuesday, climbing 23.2 per cent, 32 per cent and 97 per cent in each of the hours following the game. Footfall was up 17.9 per cent before the game, as people stocked up for the match. During the match, footfall fell 17.7 per cent year-on-year.

Overall, German retailers appear to be cashing in on World Cup goodwill. Footfall on the high streets of the host nation was up 15.7 per cent week-on-week during the first week of the tournament.

Internet retailer www.buyagift.co.uk is introducing a generous new promotion, offering 15 per cent off everything until England is knocked out of the World Cup. However, it is possible that no-one will benefit from the discounting. Buyagift is not launching the offer until next Monday, after England's knock-out round game with Ecuador on Sunday.

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