Furniture retailer Feather & Black is to shake up the bed market by rolling out a new-format store selling its adjustable mattresses.

Feather & Black, owned by Wade Furniture Group, will open three standalone, 300 sq ft stores this autumn under a separate fascia. The retailer aims to open up to 50 new-format stores in the UK and then roll out internationally.

The shops, which will operate under the Comfort Control Mattresses by Feather & Black fascia will display three bed frames and three of Comfort Control mattresses.

Feather & Black is the only UK stockist of the Comfort Control mattress, which allows the user to adjust the firmness of both sides of the mattress with a remote control. The stores will open in high-footfall locations, such as Sheffield’s Meadowhall and Bluewater in Kent.

Feather & Black managing director Robbie Feather said: “Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a shift in terms of purchasing mattresses. Customers are more concerned about their wellbeing and are now often coming in just to buy a mattress. Previously, they may have only bought a mattress when buying a new frame.”

From this month, the Comfort Control mattresses will be tested at five of Feather & Black’s existing stores for three months.

Feather & Black buying director Adam Black said: “There is no other mattress in the UK that allows customers to adjust when they get home if they want it firmer, softer, or for example, if women get pregnant and their preferences change. We want it to become the Dyson of the mattress sector.”

Feather & Black is eyeing international markets such as the Middle East and Europe and is searching for franchise partners. It is also seeking to wholesale the mattresses to upmarket hotel chains.