As part of its push to create a more sustainable future, H&M is incentivising its members with reward points for actions including bringing in old clothes for H&M’s garment collecting, choosing climate-smart delivery options, bringing their own bag when shopping and choosing products made from more sustainable materials.

In stores, all ‘Conscious’ sustainable items have a green tag, while online each product is labelled ’Conscious’.

Each action receives a certain number of points awarded to the member’s account, which then equal discounts for future purchases.

H&M’s loyalty programme has over 120 million members across 26 countries.

The retailer has also continued to make progress against its sustainability goals, including achieving 65% sustainable or recycled materials towards a goal of 100% by 2030.

Chief executive Helena Helmersson said: “Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We see that the pandemic has increased awareness for customers, which makes us feel that our position and our customer offer of price, fashion, quality and sustainability is good.

“We will be doing different things going forward when it comes to sustainability and customer engagement. We launched green points in the loyalty club so that we also encourage certain behaviours, which is a great way for us to continue to increase awareness.”