Harvey Nichols is giving consumers the gift of laughter at Christmas with a hilarious festive campaign encouraging shoppers to forego an expensive, thoughtful present and treat themselves instead.

Harvey Nichols ad

The department store has shunned the opportunity to simply highlight its lavish festive goods and has instead released the ‘Sorry, I spent it on myself’ gift range. The absurd selection is a range of deliberately dull but low cost alternative gift ideas, such as 100% wood toothpicks for 47p and authentic Lincolnshire gravel for £1.61.

An online ad depicts several characters receiving the unwanted gifts and the deadpan execution makes for some hilariously awkward scenes. In one, a grandmother says “I do hope you haven’t spent all your precious money on me, naughty boy”, and then can barely conceal her disappointment as she politely accepts the neatly wrapped paperclips.

In another scene, a mother twirls in a stunning dress she bought with the money she saved by buying her son a sink plug. However, the ad could’ve pushed the retailer’s actual product range slightly harder without sacrificing any laughs.

Amusingly, Harvey Nichols’ online shoppers can even buy the tongue-in-cheek basics range via its website which offers shop ‘for them’ and shop ‘for you’ options, tying in nicely with the tagline ‘A little something for them, a bigger something for you’.

Harvey Nichols’ wry humour has already proved a hit on social media and racked up the column inches in the consumer media. This campaign is a well-executed, comical counter point to the usual swathe of sentimental Christmas ads and is already helping Harvey Nichols stand out during the festive season.

Harvey Nichols advert