Tesco has once again undercut retailers including Asda and Marks & Spencer by selling a full school uniform outfit for £3.75.

Tesco, which launched uniforms for £3.75 last year, has held its prices and will once again sell jumpers at £1.75, trousers or skirts for £1.50 and polo shirts for 50p. The price is the same regardless of age. Tesco will sell uniforms for children from three to 16.

Sainsbury’s will offer a uniform for £4.66 with sweatshirts, skirts and trousers coming in at £2 each and a three-pack of polo shirts for £2.

George at Asda is slightly more expensive with trousers or skirts at £3, sweatshirts for £2 and a pack of two polo shirts for £2, meaning it will cost £6 for a full uniform.

Last year, Asda chose to compete on quality over price by launching a 100-day money-back guarantee on its school uniforms.

Marks & Spencer, which is the market leader by value in school uniform sales, is selling trousers from £3.50, with prices rising for larger sizes. Polo shirts start at £3 for a three-pack and jumpers begin at £2.

Tesco is also understood to be planning to take on specialist school uniform retailers in September when it will launch a bespoke service and will sew individual school badges on to uniforms if required.