Sosandar has achieved its first-ever year of profitability, crediting its “robust trading performance” to the success of its third-party partnerships with John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Next and Sainsbury’s.

The online fashion retailer posted profit before tax of at least £1.6m for the full year to March 31, 2023, up from a loss of £600,000 the previous year.

Sosandar reported a 44% increase in revenue year on year to £42.5m, up from £29.5m.

The retailer said its unique product “continues to resonate with its loyal customer base”, reflected in the average order value for Sosandar increasing 8% to £97.27, compared with £90.39 the previous year.

Sosandar attributed its full-year swing to profitability to delivering “such strong growth over the year, despite the challenging consumer backdrop”.

Sosandar also credited its success to its first in-store launch via Sainsbury’s stores, which “provided Sosandar with the opportunity to become a truly omnichannel retailer”, as well as its continued third-party partner success with the likes of John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Next, Very and JD Williams.

Co-chief executives Ali Hall and Julie Lavington said: “We are delighted to be reporting a milestone year. Sosandar has grown from a true start-up business just six years ago to a brand which is delivering multi-million-pound revenue and is profitable.

“This growth has been delivered against a backdrop of highly challenging macro-economic conditions and our sustained performance against this backdrop is testament to how well our product resonates with our customers.

“We are incredibly proud to have Sosandar clothes now being sold in the UK’s biggest retailers and we have now built the infrastructure to start serving our target customers internationally.

“We would like to thank all of our team for their hard work and dedication, this performance wouldn’t have been possible without them.”