Oliver Bonas has become the latest retailer to partner with sustainable pre-loved repair and resale specialist Reskinned in a bid to give “pre-loved items a chance to shine once again”.

The fashion, jewellery and homewares retailer said the partnership will help it to “maximise the lifespan of Oliver Bonas garments” while continuing to reduce the waste of clothing.

The partnership, which is set to launch later this year, offers shoppers the chance to shop pre-loved Oliver Bonas products and “breathe life” into unwanted pieces.

The retailer said in a statement that by partnering with Reskinned it is “actively contributing” to a more sustainable fashion industry in the future by encouraging customers to make better decisions that reduce the impact on the planet.

Oliver Bonas also said it hopes the initiative will “make the experience of shopping for pre-loved clothing as enjoyable and convenient as purchasing new items”.

Oliver Bonas managing director and founder Oliver Tress said: “At Oliver Bonas we design products to bring lasting joy so we are really proud to launch our new partnership with Reskinned who will help us with our wider commitment to reduce waste and keep our products in circulation for longer.”

Reskinned co-founder Matt Hanrahan added: “It’s our mission to support brands in becoming more circular.

“We’re delighted to be providing solutions for Oliver Bonas to find new homes for pre-loved clothes, maximising their lifespan and utilising responsible recycling methods to keep great clothes out of landfill.”