Global Fashion Group has added the ability for customers on its Iconic ecommerce platform to search for products using sustainable criteria and filters.

The business said the new initiative is called ‘Considered’, and allows for consumers in Australia and New Zealand to shop for clothing based on five “sustainability credentials”, such as if a garment is made “using at least one material or process that is better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives”.

The business, which operates four ecommerce sites in Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) – including Russia and Ukraine, said the new search filters were intended to “empower customers to make informed purchasing choices through education and accessibility”.

Considered by Iconic launched yesterday with over 6,400 products from more than 300 brands tagged with sustainability credentials, and Global Fashion Group said it hoped to grow this number to “more than 10,000 in the short term”.

Co-chief executive of Global Fashion Group, Patrick Schmidt, said the launch of Considered was something of a world first.

“Considered is a testament to GFG’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. As a global company with 11.4 million active customers and over 10,000 fashion and lifestyle brand partners, we understand the responsibility we have to both our customers and our planet.

“Sustainability is an essential component of ensuring long-term business value and as part of better managing our own impacts, we see an opportunity to drive this conversation forward in the high-growth markets in which we operate.

“As one of the first online retailers globally to launch an initiative of this kind, we have made important progress to date; however, we are humble enough to know that this is a journey and we still have much work to do.”