Fashion giant Uniqlo is to increase the hourly wage of its retail staff across the UK by 7%, as well as rolling out a series of new employee benefits, Retail Week can reveal.

UNIQLO Regent Street

Uniqlo’s focus is on retaining talent and becoming the number one retail “employer by choice”

Uniqlo store staff in the UK will see their hourly pay increase from £11.40 to £12.15, while staff based in London will see their hourly pay rise from £12.40 to £13.15. 

The wage increase is the fashion giant’s second increase in the past two years and will result in staff seeing up to a 29% increase in their annual pay since 2022.

The rise comes into effect from April 1, 2024, and will benefit all “entry grade employees”. 

Uniqlo has also unveiled new employee benefits, including: an equal enhanced pay scheme for parents taking leave for the birth or adoption of a child; enhanced annual leave allowance of 34 days, including bank holidays; and £300 net pay towards clothing annually.

Uniqlo chief operating officer Alessandro Dudech told Retail Week that the wage increases come as part of the retailer’s ongoing growth strategy, calling it an “exciting time” for the business.

Dudech said: “The reason why we’ve done this first and foremost is really to show our commitment to employee wellbeing. For Uniqlo, our employees are our most valuable assets, so by investing in a salary increase and a series of enhanced employee benefits, we hope to ensure our staff feel valued and motivated to really contribute to the company’s success.”

He said Uniqlo aims to become the “employer by choice” in a competitive fashion sphere.

Flourish and grow

“We are so eager to provide a competitive package because nowadays attracting and retaining top talent is the key to success in the services and retail industry. Providing top benefits is really helping us to retain and attract that top talent to our stores.

“The cost-of-living crisis obviously has hit everyone, this is something that all our staff members face every day. As a company, it is our commitment to make sure that all our staff members can enjoy livelihood from their salary and make sure they can be an active part of the community.”

Dudech added: “We are proud of not just the starting salary, but also the opportunities that we give to our staff members to grow and develop within the business and allow them to grow and flourish.

“Our growth is really a testament to the value that Uniqlo puts on the high street and physical retail. We will continue to invest in new stores and in growing stores that truly connect to the community they operate in.”

Uniqlo currently has a UK store estate numbering 17, with plans to open a further two stores this spring on London’s Oxford Street and on Princes Street, Edinburgh.