Asos has taken steps towards one of its key sustainability pillars – “be more circular”.

Asos circular collection 2022

Asos has launched its second circular design collection

The fashion giant has launched a trial partnership with Thrift+ whereby customers will be able to request a free Asos x Thrift+ bag and send their unwanted clothes to the resale platform to be sold.

They’ll then receive credits that can either be converted into vouchers for both Asos and other retailers, used to buy pre-loved clothing on site, or donated to charity.

Initially, 30,000 bags will be available in the trial, by which Asos intends to collect learnings on what items are sent in most often and feed it back to their design teams.

Thrift+ founder Joe Metcalfe said: “We are delighted to support Asos’ progress towards circularity with the launch of this trial. Making it easy for people to responsibly get unwanted clothing back into circulation is key to making fashion more circular and it’s hugely exciting that Asos customers will now have the Thrift+ service at their fingertips.

“We’re looking forward to measuring the impact of the trial, such as the number of items resold and the amount raised for charity, as well as feeding data on the success of item resale back into future circular product design.”

The partnership launches on the same day as Asos’ second circular design collection.

Created in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular principles, the 47-piece collection includes new materials such as Texloop and Refibra.

Each piece is produced using recycled materials, to be both recycled and/or reused, and includes elements such as reversibility or unisex fit.

Asos has also introduced 3D-design tools in order to reduce sampling across both the collection and its wider business.

Asos commercial design and visual director Vanessa Spence added: “To have a successful commercial future, the fashion industry needs to be both sustainable and circular. 

“Over the past few years, we’ve been working with our partners and experts to discover how we can be more circular – one of our new 2030 Fashion with Integrity goals. The launch of our second circular design collection, which uses innovative new materials and takes our circular design criteria one step further, is a great moment for us as we continue to develop our expertise in this area.

“Of course, design is just one piece of the circular puzzle – and to be truly circular, products must pass through circular systems as well as meet our circular design criteria. While resale is just one such system, we’re proud to be launching a new trial in collaboration with Thrift+ today, to extend the life of products by enabling them to easily and conveniently be resold.”