Clare appeals to manufacturers
DSGi chief executive John Clare has called on manufacturers to scrap the stand-by function on TVs as part of a wider global plan to help save energy.

DSGi, which owns electrical retail outlets Currys, and PC World, wants manufacturers to focus their energies on supporting an international green agenda. Clare has asked manufacturers to help achieve this through more efficient product design. He has also called for the increased use of sustainable materials and a closer collaboration with retailers on the marketing and promotion of green products.

Clare said: 'The shift in customer behaviour is already beginning. The introduction of energy efficiency labelling in our white goods ranges several years ago brought about a fundamental shift in buyer behaviour. I believe that the same will happen in the brown goods sector. We are seeing more and more customers making buying decisions on the basis of energy efficiency. I suspect that the momentum in this area will only increase. It is critical that DSGi maintains its position as being actively engaged in this area.'