There have been approximately 1 million new downloads of Marks & Spencer’s Sparks loyalty app since its relaunch eight weeks ago.

Marks & Spencer is marking the moment with a promotion by giving scheme members the chance to get their shopping free. One shopper per day will be rewarded in all of the retailer’s branches until September 27.

The overhaul of M&S’ Sparks scheme was led by chief digital and data officer Jeremy Pee, and led to more than 240,000 downloads in the first two days of relaunch.

Since the revamp, almost 500,000 new customers have signed up to Sparks. Altogether there are approximately 8 million members. 

M&S has adopted a digital-first strategy as a foundation stone of its turnaround plan, and the relaunch of Sparks was seen as key to its efforts.

The retailer said: “The rise in the number of app downloads is a further sign that more customers are choosing to shop and engage through digital channels.”

The Sparks scheme is one of a variety of digital initiatives under way at M&S. At the start of this month, the retailer’s joint venture with Ocado went live, enabling M&S to sell its food range online for the first time.

Traffic to Ocado’s website rose to its highest level since April in the first week of the partnership.