Value retailer 99p Stores has revealed it is set to open its first stores in Scotland, as it plans to launch 30 in the next three years.

99p Stores said it is planning to open its first Scottish store in Ayr Central Shopping Centre next month - although this is subject to change – which will showcase a “state-of-the-art” store design.

The store, which will take up 7,211 sq ft, is set to be the 230th 99p Store in the UK.

Within the next six months  the retailer is planning to unveil another four shops.

In addition to this 99p Stores aims to open another 25 stores in the next three years. The whole project will create more than 500 new jobs.

99p Stores is already established in England and Wales.

Hussein Lalani said Scottish shoppers “are the canniest of all when it comes to value”.

“Scottish shoppers are value-savvy - we are extremely excited about this next challenge,” he added.

99p Stores said it is looking for “very many” sites in towns and villages across Scotland but Lalani is urging the public to get in touch and let him know their thoughts on where they should open.

Last month, 99p Stores opened its first village shop in Bromborough on The Wirral, Merseyside.

Lalani said he thinks it has become “trendy” to shop at the value brand.

“The public has become rightly fixated and hooked on value - and we are delighted to oblige,” he added

“The days of the public paying three times over the odds for everyday basics like branded toothpaste, coffee and washing-up liquid are a thing of the past.

“We conduct constant research and feedback and what has been coming across loud and clear is that the public are fed up of having been ‘ripped off’ for years by the so-called Big Four supermarkets.”