Diabetes UK charity backs decision
The Co-operative Group has revealed it will be removing all diabetic products from the shelves of its pharmacies and food stores.

The group stocks ranges of jams, chocolates and soft drinks aimed at people with diabetes at its 380 pharmacies across the country, as well as a selection of special preserves at its food stores.

The retailer said there was no longer a need for these products because healthy eating advice for diabetics is no different to the advice given to the rest of the population.

Charity Diabetes UK is working with the Co-op to implement the withdrawal. Zoe Harrison, care adviser for the charity, said: 'We hope other pharmacies and supermarkets will follow its example. These foods do not contain sugar so people may think that labelling them as 'suitable for diabetics' means it's okay to eat large quantities, but they are also high in fat and therefore unadvisable in large quantities whether you have diabetes or not.'

Co-operative Group head of pharmacy Liz Colling said: 'We will phase out these products because we have a number of customers who are used to buying them from us, and we need to make them fully aware of the change.'