Chip & PIN ads aims to educate 42 million users

Nearly half of UK tills are Chip and PIN ready and more than half of cardholders have been issued with Chip and PIN-enabled cards, according to the Chip and PIN Programme.

The goal is to reach 74 per cent of 860,000 tills and 86 per cent of 42 million cardholders by the end of the year.

The programme has begun a 13-week advertising campaign, aimed to let people know what to do when a cashier demands they key in a PIN number, rather than signing the slip.

Even before the campaign starts awareness appears to be startlingly high, with 94 per cent of consumers questioned saying they were aware of Chip & PIN technology, according to the programme's research.

The same study also found that 60 per cent of cardholders expected to use their cards for their next transaction.

Meanwhile, the larger retailers, which have led adoption of the technology, said that Chip and PIN now accounts for 39 per cent of all card transactions.