Best Buy will turbocharge its UK debut next Friday with the inclusion of electric cars on the sales floor.

The initiative is likely to ensure the electricals giant grabs the limelight when it opens its much anticipated first store in Thurrock, Essex, adding to the expectation that it will change electricals retailing norms in the UK.

It is understood that Best Buy is insisting on a clause in its leases that allows it to sell electric cars. Sources said that they had seen store planograms showing space allocated to selling electric cars.

It is unclear whether electric cars will be on sale straightaway, or whether they will initially only be showcased as part of the retailer’s push to establish Best Buy’s credentials as the first port of call for consumers interested in the latest technology. Sources said cars may even feature in store windows.

In the US Best Buy - which is opening its famous ‘big blue box’ stores here in partnership with Carphone Warehouse - already sells electric bikes and scooters and has said it is keen to add cars tothe mix.

Although it opens officially on Friday, Best Buy’s Thurrock store held a friends and family event last weekend. One person who attended wrote on consumer website that the highlight was “sitting in a Tesla Roadster” - a type of electric car.

He said that he was impressed with the Best Buy in-store experience but not by prices, which “were exactly the same as Currys”.

Best Buy - famous for its high levels of customer service -is launching into a competitive market. Rivals including DSGi are upping their game with better service and new formats.

Planet Retail research director Greg Hodge said featuring electric cars was likely to bring good PR for Best Buy.

e said: “They need a bang when they launch next week. They are not afraid to innovate and this plays on their environmental credentials.”