Asos chief executive Nick Robertson has vowed to create a different way for shoppers to sell second-hand clothes when it launches its Marketplace website later this year.

He said Asos will give customers advice on how best to present their products, and bring together fashion lovers from around the world.

“Our take on it is that seeing someone’s dress on a hanger in their wardrobe is not that appealing,” he said.

Instead, he wants to encourage people to take pictures of items modelled outdoors.

Marketplace will allow customers to sell items online at a fixed price. The offer will be global.

Amazon and both operate successful marketplace sites and eBay has moved further into fixed-price selling with the launch of its separate fashion area last month, striving to make its mark in the fashion market.

Asos will operate a separate area on its Marketplace site for smaller independent retailers to sell goods. Asos will send scouts to visit those shops wishing to sell on Marketplace to authenticate what they sell, then create shop-in-shops for the businesses.

Robertson added: “We are very conscious of the counterfeit trade, of which we will not be part. We will not be selling luxury goods.”

Marketplace is also open for brands and businesses wishing to sell overstock. This will again be in a separate area in its Outlet section.