The Kardashian Kollection launched in Dorothy Perkins yesterday to great fanfare as the reality TV superstars joined Sir Philip Green in London to toast the collaboration.

Undoubtedly the presence of celeb mag favourite Kim and her sisters will guarantee column inches, but will that translate into bumper sales? Sir Philip Green certainly thinks so. In fact, he’s reported to have predicted that it will outsell the infamous Kate Moss’ Topshop collection.

That is a bold statement. The Moss tie-up, which ran for 14 seasons, is considered one of the most successful celebrity fashion collaborations of all time.

Although Topshop remained tight-lipped about sales figures, Moss’ collection is understood to have added 10% to Topshop’s revenue in 2007, its first year of launch.

However, the Kardashian Kollection may well have a broader appeal than Moss’. The sisters have become role models for the curvier lady, and let’s face it, more of the population will look like them than a waif-like supermodel.

Launching a celebrity collection is a good move for Dorothy Perkins which has become increasingly reliant on discounting. The unique range will help it stand out for something more than price.

Kantar Worldpanel strategic insight director Ian Mitchell says: “It’s good to have a point of difference. People like to shop around and are zig-zagging across multiples and discounters. Anything which makes you stand out is positive.”

It’s also a good-fit with the Dorothy Perkins’ target customer, which is slightly older and less fashion forward than Topshop.

The Kardashian Kollection, priced between £12 to £75, carries a lower price tag than Moss’ range making it more mainstream.

Mitchell points out that although consumers are interested in celebrity ranges, it’s the product not the name that is the main driver for buying.

As one would expect from the uber-glamorous sisters, the collection is jam-packed with party dresses and leopard print blouses. Its launch seems perfectly timed for Christmas party season.

At a time where the heavily-styled The Only Way Is Essex girls have become icons, the range perfectly captures fashion zeitgeist a bit like Kate Moss’ collection, which became synonymous with boho-chic back in 2007.

The move seems another shrewd one by Green and the range is bound to be seen in many a Christmas party this year. A bit like Kim Kardashian’s star, sales are set to soar, which will provide a welcome boost to Dorothy Perkins.

Analysis: Can Sir Philip do a Kate Moss with the Kardashian Kollection?