The etail giant may dominate, but it shows an exciting future for online marketplaces in the US, says Isobel Chillman

According to new Retail Week research, Amazon is the most-loved online retailer in America, with over half of US shoppers (52%) naming the etail giant as their favourite place to shop online.

But Walmart, eBay and Wish all provide strong opposition from a marketplace perspective, ranking 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

In Retail Week’s new digital guide and podcast series, Exporting ecommerce: How to thrive online in the US, in association with trade and investment body Exporting is Great, we investigate how digital marketplaces are shaping online retail in America.

“Amazon has served as a catalyst for the rest of retail to increase their investment in innovation”

Jack O’Leary, Planet Retail RNG

What Amazon can’t do

Forthcoming podcast episode ‘Amazon and beyond’ looks at how UK brands can master marketplaces in the US, featuring an interview from the co-founder of Bonanza, one of America’s leading digital marketplaces.

American retailers are becoming increasingly innovative in order to keep up with Jeff Bezos’ etail giant, taking an approach referred to as WACD – What Amazon Can’t Do.

Etailer Wish has capitalised on the discount market with an app that offers over 300 million items for thrifty shoppers, and in 2017 became the number one shopping app in the US, pushing Amazon into second place.

Competition from discount etailers such as Wish no doubt led to Amazon’s recent launch of a new discount store on their US platform, offering products under $10 that ship for free.

With UK retailers already embracing online marketplaces as part of their digital strategy (such as Tesco, Halfords and Argos, to name a few), utilising an innovative marketplace may be the key to success for British brands looking to launch a US online offering.

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