Duo will compete at NACSShow
The two winners of the Association of Convenience Store (ACS) 2006 scholarship will head to Las Vegas later this year to compete with retailers from around the globe.

Lyana Doyle, from Musgrave Budgens Londis (MBL), and Victoria Burgess from Cadbury Trebor Bassett were awarded the World at Your Fingertips scholarships at this year's annual ACS Summit.

The pair will take on candidates from the US, Australia and Canada when they compete at the NACSShow in October.

The scholarship's question was to come up with a new idea that could benefit the convenience store industry over the next few years.

Doyle's winning presentation in the retail category focused on the idea that people's needs change throughout the day and a store should respond to these changes 'to give a new level of convenience'.

Burgess, who won the suppliers prize, came up with the idea of a convenience store home delivery service that would increase margins, customer loyalty and average trip spend, while offering a more personal traditional retail experience.