A happy customer is a spending customer
Focus your resource on pleasing your customers whilst limiting the barriers to their spending and your sales line will reap the benefits.

14.25 Panel discussion
Gearing up your stores for service and sales
• Selling solutions, not products: offering an end-to-end service
• Converting window shoppers into customers
• Implementing innovative point-of-sale initiatives to facilitate quicker, safer purchasing
• Translating the store experience online
Philip Downer, Chief Executive, Borders UK
David Goodridge, Head of Acquiring and Acceptance, Visa Europe
Steve Lewis, Chief Executive, Majestic Wines

15.15 Investing in the customer experience to grow in a challenging environment
McDonald’s in the UK is enjoying sustained growth despite the squeeze on consumer spending. By investing and innovating in restaurants, staff and product, the business has further improved the customer experience and boosted the bottom line accordingly.
Steve Easterbrook, President and CEO, McDonald's UK