The inside view from head of people and communications Anne Webb

What makes your ideal employee?

Someone who is expert in their field and is passionate about Oxfam’s mission to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering.

What sets apart working for Oxfam from your competitors?

Our staff and volunteers - we have an exceptional work force of 21,000-plus people who give us the their time and skills to help make money for Oxfam.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

We try to ensure staff are well managed, that they have clear expectations of their roles and that they are aware of their role as Oxfam’s representative in their community.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

Shop managers encourage staff to take their holiday, and to work to their contracted hours. We also have an employee helpline provided by the Retail Trust.

Founded 1942 during World War II in Oxford as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief

Based Oxford, with 14 affiliate offices around the world

Number of staff 5,000 worldwide and 20,000 volunteers. About 1,000 staff are employed in shops

Number of stores Nearly 700 in the UK

Number of days’ leave 25 days of holiday to start

Employee benefits Contributory pension scheme and occupational sick pay

Work ethos Everyone works hard but enjoys themselves, as they are working for something they believe in