The inside view from senior people partner Heidi Badelek

What makes your ideal employee?

Our people are passionate about Asos and the overall success of the company. We are always first in what we do, so all employees need to able to react quickly and adapt to change and be enthused about what’s around the corner for us.

What sets apart working at Asos from your competitors?

We live and breathe fashion. We strive to get there first. Not changing the rules, not breaking the rules, but discovering new ones.

How do you strive to retain your staff?

We have a fantastic learning and development team that delivers innovative courses.

How do you ensure your employees have a good work/life balance?

We like to reward teams and individuals when they have gone above and beyond by offering them treats such as a ‘duvet day’ or ‘lunch on us’. We also offer sabbaticals and flexi-time.

Founded June 2000

Based Camden, North London

Number of staff 750

Number of days’ leave 25 days, plus a day’s holiday on each employees’ birthday

Employee benefits Bonus, healthcare, pension, as well as a ‘treat’ scheme, such as a lie in or experience days to reward outstanding performance

Work ethos Asos is constantly striving to push boundaries to drive the business forward, thriving in a culture of restlessness and innovation