Tesco has increased market share for the first time since May, while Morrisons market share has slipped for the first time since the end of 2007.

According to Kantar Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending November 28, Tesco increased its market share from 30.6%in November 2009 to 30.7%.

Morrisons, which has been the star performer in Kantar’s figures for some time, has seen its share slip from 12.1% to 12%. Kantar said it signals an end to the growth in shopper numbers following the acquisition of Somerfield acquisition.

Edward Garner, communications director at Kantar Worldpanel, said: “Going forward Morrisons will have to focus on building basket size to sustain its performance. The current promotion where shoppers collect five till slips worth over £40 to qualify for a £30 payback is designed to address this.”

Asda’s share has stabilised for the first time this year, at 17%.

The star performer among the big four once again is Sainsbury’s. Its share has increased from 16.1% a year ago to 16.4% and this report is the 22nd to show a year-on-year increase.

Garner said: “Our predictions for a premium Christmas remain on-track as Waitrose strongly out-performs the market once again, increasing its share from 3.9% for the same period last year to 4.1% this year. By contrast, the Discounters and Iceland market shares remain unchanged, perhaps showing consumers reluctance to scrimp on food in the run up to the festive period.”

The Somerfield presence is now negligible, leaving The Co-operative as a clear fifth in the retailer standings, with a 6.7%market share.

Grocery inflation has fallen for the period, at 2.8%. Kantar said lower inflation in fruit and dairy is helping counteract alarmist predictions of increasing food price inflation.

  12 Weeks to 29 November 2009  12 Weeks to 28 November 2010 change
 £000s%   * £000s %   *%
Total Till Roll    30,627,400     31,695,360 3.5
 Total Grocers          22,323,910100.0%          23,279,810100.0%4.3
   Total Multiples            21,839,45097.8%            22,777,87097.8%4.3
      Tesco                6,838,09430.6%                7,140,45030.7%4.4
      Asda                3,788,69117.0%                3,949,16617.0%4.2
      Sainsbury’s                3,593,58516.1%                3,826,18216.4%6.5
      Morrisons                2,711,05612.1%                2,792,25012.0%3.0
      Co-operative                  1,188,4625.3%                1,554,0526.7%30.8
      Somerfield                   507,6692.3%                    75,8400.3%-85.1
      Waitrose                   873,2753.9%                   954,9344.1%9.4
      Iceland                   399,4061.8%                   411,7941.8%3.1
      Aldi                   695,9363.1%                   726,6703.1%4.4
      Lidl                   529,2892.4%                   561,5812.4%6.1
      Netto                   164,4570.7%                   154,8130.7%-5.9
      Farm Foods                   112,0540.5%                   133,8030.6%19.4
      Other Multiples                   437,4712.0%                   496,3402.1%13.5
   Symbols & Independents                 484,4632.2%                 501,9332.2%3.6