Tesco has introduced some classic British favourites such as Marmite and Heinz baked beans at selected Fresh & Easy stores in the US.

Popular products including Heinz salad cream and Colman’s mustard are being stocked at some stores such as Phoenix. The British products will form part of 1,000 new lines being introduced to Fresh & Easy.

A Tesco spokesman said: “The products are only being introduced where there is customer demand. It is part of our ethos to make changes and adapt our proposition after listening to customers.”

British products are difficult to find in the US and many expats often have their favourites shipped over. The spokesman said the products appeal to Brits living near the stores. “If there is enough interest,  we will bring in these products.

In some shops, for example, we have several Spanish products if there is a large Spanish community nearby,” he said.

Fresh & Easy has suffered since its debut as the recession hit the areas in which it operates. Tesco has said it is committed to the venture.