Sainsbury’s will offer Nectar customers lower prices on products based on their shopping habits when using self-scanning technology in stores, in a major shakeup of its loyalty programme.

From September 22, Nectar customers shopping in-store using Sainsbury’s SmartShop technology will get access to discounted prices on products they buy often. The personalised discounts, which will be known as My Nectar Prices, will be on 10 key products that have been chosen for the customer.

Sainsburys smart shop

Sales completed using SmartShop were up 173% in the last financial year

The introduction of personalised pricing comes after the Nectar app hit 8 million users. Sainsbury’s also reported that more customers than ever are opting to use SmartShop, an app that allows customers to scan as they go in-store, in order to reduce contact points.

Sales completed using SmartShop were up 173% in the last financial year. In supermarkets with handsets, 30% of sales were made through SmartShop, which was more than double the level last year at 14%.

Sainsbury’s will us customer data to decide what items are placed in each shopper’s personalised My Nectar Prices area on the app. 

Chief marketing officer Mark Given said: “Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. With more and more of them choosing to shop digitally, My Nectar Prices is designed to bring them the best prices on their favourite products. This is a really exciting step in our plans to personalise loyalty and really reward customers with consistently great value.

”We will be listening closely to their feedback before bringing My Nectar Prices to other channels and launching more exciting and engaging ways to shop in our stores.”

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