Technology giant Google has partnered with jeans retailer Levi’s to integrate connected devices into clothing.

  • Google and Levi’s partner to develop connected clothing
  • Connected clothing could be used to control smart devices
  • Wearers could in the future swipe their sleeve to send a text message

Levi’s and Google believe connected clothes could be used to control smartphones and tablets, in a similar way to the Apple Watch.  

The partnership, which has not led to any product announcements as yet, is part of Google’s Project Jacquard which it discussed at its developer conference I/O in San Francisco last week.

Google’s latest project is to make garments interactive, such as tapping or swiping clothes to send a signal to the wearer’s mobile which could for instance send a text message.

Paul Dillinger, Levi’s head of global product innovation, said: “In our hyper-digital world, people constantly struggle to be physically present in their environment while maintaining a digital connection. The work that Google and Levi’s are embarking upon with Project Jacquard delivers an entirely new value to consumers with apparel that is emotional, aspirational and functional.”

Ivan Poupyrev, a technical product lead for Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group added: “When it came to choosing a first partner for Project Jacquard, the Levi’s brand was a natural fit.”

“Levi’s brings to Jacquard their deep knowledge and understanding of apparel, their consumers and what they value.”