Customers are being offered virtual tours of a music retailer using immersive smart glasses tech in a bid to improve online conversion.

Dawsons is allowing online users to see through the glasses of in-store staff

Dawsons Music has teamed up with technology provider GoInStore to provide the service to shoppers. Consumers using the online service will see a first-person view of products through smart glasses worn by in-store employees.

Shoppers can also guide staff around by speaking directly to them through a two-way audio stream, and ask for recommendations as the tour goes on.

The service launched today, powered by GoInStore’s Assignation Engine, an artificial intelligence package that analyses online data to pair shoppers with staff members based on the type of products they want to explore.

Bridging gap between channels

Dawsons managing director Mark Taylor said that the service affords the retailer a “much greater synergy between the web and stores”.

He said: “Our staff are musicians first and foremost, which means the expertise you receive by visiting one of our stores is second to none. 

“GoInStore allows our most valuable sales asset – our staff – to engage with customers far beyond the typical catchment areas of our stores and has unleashed their potential across the web.

“Although this is cutting-edge technology, it’s facilitating a human-to-human connection in a comfortable and familiar way for staff and customers alike”.

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, Dawsons has 11 stores in the UK and supplies musical ICT equipment to educational institutions here and abroad.