Philip Green has given the Tammy range a mature new look ahead of its autumn launch in his Bhs chain.

Retail Week has obtained images of the first collection from the tweenage fashion brand since Green bought it as part of Etam UK in April.

The collection offers a mini-version of key adult looks including Russian folk, military, rock chick and Victoriana, and was praised by leading industry figures.

The head of women's fashion buying at a high street multiple said: 'I think it looks great. It is quite aspirational, which is always good for young girls. The PR shots are not too threatening and are grown-up, which is good for the mothers as well.'

However, she said Bhs might not be trendy enough for young shoppers. 'With grannies having tea in the cafe, it's an environment that might not suit young girls used to Topshop or River Island. It might work better if they were going to put it in a standalone store.'

The Chambers retail consultant Sally Bain thinks the range is a more sophisticated departure from the brand's previous offer, which she described as 'pink and glittery'. 'It has reinterpreted womenswear for a teenage market,' she said.

A source for a leading high street young-fashion chain said: 'The styles and trends coincide with what we've got - they look quite good. My only concern would be the difficulty of dragging teenagers into Bhs.' She added that the positioning of the range within the store would be key.

Research from TNS FashionTrak shows that multiples account for 63.3 per cent of teenage clothing spend.