Where you shop has an impact on your health, says NCC report
Morrisons has come last for encouraging healthier eating in an index of UK supermarkets. The National Consumer Council (NCC) today launched a Health Responsibility Index. However, it also found that none of the supermarkets they surveyed shone out as paragons of healthy eating.

Waitrose scored best, with 6.5 points out of 10, mainly for removing snacks from the checkout. Tesco fared badly, scoring only 3.5 points out of 10. The report said that the leading grocer's food labelling was inconsistent, and it should work harder to cut down on excess salt.

Morrisons notched up a measly two points out of 10. The NCC warned that the grocer's ranges had the highest salt content of all the participating retailers. NCC chairwoman Deirdre Hutton said: 'While we weren't surprised to see Waitrose, a top-end retailer, do relatively well, it is worrying that we found retailers with a high proportion of lower income shoppers appearing to reinforce the health inequalities between rich and poor.'