Topps Tiles is opening a hybrid store format that will combine its boutique format with its larger stores as it seeks to offer customers greater convenience.

Topps Tiles is launching a hybrid store format

The boutique store will be around 2,000 sq ft and have a small warehouse attached to it and is due to open at the end of April in Knutsford.

Topps Tiles chief executive Matthew Williams said the new store is about “taking all the stuff we love about boutique and adding a fulfilment element”.

He added: “It comes back to the convenience point and making it as convenient as we can.”

The hybrid store format will be significantly smaller than a store in its core estate, which is an average of 3,500 sq ft, and slightly larger than its boutique stores that are up to 1,500 sq ft.

Around 20% of the store will be given over to the warehouse and will house products including its top 20 selling tiles, which account for around a quarter of sales.

Topps Tiles hopes to roll out at least 12 boutique or hybrid stores this financial year.

The tile specialist opened its first small-format boutique store in Walton-on-Thames in January 2014.

Boutique stores were designed to appeal to a different customer through a contemporary grey fascia, tiled rather than the concrete flooring in its warehouses, and ‘show’ panels that can be changed to highlight the latest tiles.

The contemporary fascia has proved popular with customers and as a result Topps Tiles will upgrade its entire store estate with the fascia this year.