Fortnum & Mason has unveiled its revamped third floor, now dedicated to luxury food and drink. 

The historic London department store recently completed renovations to create a purpose-built Food & Drink Studio, where it will host cooking workshops and demonstrations for customers as well as operate a retail space.

Set within retractable glass walls on the third floor, the space will host more than 100 of the retailer’s chefs, who can use its facilities to come up with new recipes to supply the store.

The design allows the space to be used as a hybrid kitchen studio, which will create food and drink content for social media, TV and podcasts. 

The shop floor features a copper still, named Amalthea, from which customers can choose a Made in Piccadilly London dry or pink gin and watch the bottling process, as well as shop seasonal options, tinctures and essences.

Elsewhere, there is a section dedicated to the brand’s bestselling hamper selection with new personalisation options and a Cook Shop, which features a selection of ingredients, utensils, cookware and cookbooks. 

Fortnum says the space was created using “the latest thinking in circular design”, prioritising the use of sustainable materials and construction methods.

The renovated floor combines the department store’s historic charm with future-focused sustainable materials and construction methods, including bio leather, terrazzo shelving made from waste wood and plastic retail tables made from recycled yoghurt pots. 

Fortnum & Mason chief executive Tom Athron said: “Ever since William Fortnum met Hugh Mason and started a business, Fortnum & Mason has been in search of extraordinary new food and drink experiences, so it seems only natural to create a home dedicated to this search. 

“Set in the heart of 181 Piccadilly, the new third floor is an experiential space designed for sharing our knowledge of and love for food. It’s a space where all are welcome to experiment and learn, craft and produce, where beginners are encouraged to participate in the joys of food and drink, and where playing with food is absolutely encouraged.

“With the launch of our new Food & Drink Studio and all that comes with it, we are looking forward to a new era of retail with sustainability, innovation and customer experience at its very core.”

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