Launched earlier this month, instant mobile checkout service Simply Tap promises to play a pivotal role in the future of m-commerce.

Each advertised product has a code that shoppers can enter into their Simply Tap app. Once customers have registered, the app remembers card and delivery details, effectively turning print and billboard adverts into point-of-sale. 

The customer gets the same shopping experience, whoever they shop with, which, as the service becomes familiar, will provide reassurance. Retailers that sign up to the service can choose from two options; one integrated into their own product search, stock checker and ordering systems and one managed by Simply Tap, which includes stock management and fulfilment.

Despite what the name suggests, Simply Tap doesn’t use near field communication and currently doesn’t support QR codes or barcodes, although image recognition is in development. The system is being fronted by former M&S boss Sir Stuart Rose.