Present shopping experiences just make shoppers want to get out as quickly as possible
The majority of UK shoppers see the activity as an unpleasant but necessary task, according to a report from Mintel.

The research group's Retail Store Design study found that 57 per cent of shoppers want to select their purchases as quickly as possible. Only 17 per cent of women and 13 per cent of men said they enjoy the shopping experience.

The lack of space between store aisles and constantly updated layouts were ranked as the two biggest shopping turn-offs. Older shoppers were more likely to find shopping a trial, with 65 per cent of shoppers aged 45 to 54 complaining about changes in store layout as a top bugbear.

Younger shoppers are much more inclined to spend more time in-store and respond better to brand new or newly refurbished stores. The shops where consumers spend the most time overall is book stores, which appeal equally to men and women.

Mintel senior retail consultant Richard Caines said: 'Some retailers are already re-addressing their appeal to different genders through store design. For example, Focus DIY is moving towards an environment and style of presentation that aims to appeal to women as well as men.'