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Avora Ksubaka Ltd Pricesearcher ThirdEye Labs
Barilliance Maybe QualiTest Group Tosay
Bubbal Mention Me Reward Technology Ltd Trax
CiValue Mercaux SFD Systems Trenspott e-solutions Pvt Ltd Mishi Pay SG Retail  Unbotify
Divido Financial Services Limited Namogoo Shopest LLC Urb-it London LTD
Hero NeuroApplied Shopworks Vibes
HOLM Ometria  Smartzer WeVat
Increasingly Oplift SplitIt Xelix
Jifiti Optimove StorIQ Yapster
    Syte ZigZag Global Ltd


  • Founder: Ricky Thomas

AVORA helps brands build deeper relationships with their customers, through our cloud-based insights ecosystem, that collects & connects all your business data in one place, in real time, delivering an enriched, highly scalable, cross-functional platform for all employees to use.

AVORA believes that its time to move beyond BI and visualization. Technology needs to empowering all employees to focus on data & insights that are relevant & shareable for everyone in the business. Moving from static sources, specialised teams, closed datasets, time consuming & costly processes to a flexible, easy-to-use, cross functional & proactive growth mindset is now possible with AVORA.

AVORA provides a comprehensive insights ecosystem that is easier to use, faster & cheaper than other solutions on the market. AVORA combines the best-in-breed data warehouse architecture, a powerful analytics and query engine, a user application called Truedash, an online event & visitor behaviour tracker called Truetag and our Cognitive Modules for our machine learning capabilities.


  • Founder: Guy Cizner

Barilliance has been helping over 1,000 retailers such as Dreams, JD Fashion, Billabong, Gant, and Orange to increase sales using personalisation since 2009. 

Barilliance sees omnichannel personalisation as an opportunity to further increase conversions and sales for their clients. 

Customers who buy products in store and later on visit the site from any email you send them, will see personalised recommendations even if they never logged in or bought online before.

As customers look at products on your site Barilliance knows where they buy and what they buy.

The integration between offline and online can also help with merchandising decisions. Here we analyse product performance across channels. 


  • Founders: Mark Sorsa-Leslie, Paul Byrne

Bubbal is the hyper-local click and collect solution for local businesses, venues and events. In this version we have completely redesigned the application to offer ability to promote product, service and event offers to potential customers using smart geofencing and proximity-based marketing. We’ve made the process of adding offers really easy and give you a huge amount of control of where, when and to whom your offers are visible.

  • Got a limited number to sell? Set a quota and your bubbal will disappear when the quota is sold out.
  • Want your offer to appear at a particular time? Set the visible time so it pops open at the right time.
  • Want to limit your offer to your best customers? Create a loyal customer group so only they can see it.
  • Would you like to target your offer to a particular group? Create a topic and encourage your customers to follow it for exclusives.

Everything you publish is pinned to the map ready for people to discover. You can use custom geofences to create notification zones around your town and make sure your offers are promoted by push message to people who wonder into them. You can use the same approach to send an instant message to everyone inside the zone right now - perfect for flash sales.

  • Founders: Daniel Abrahams, Stevan Litobac

International payments are expensive, time consuming and opaque.  At, our mission is to help UK & European retailers reduce their foreign exchange costs, volatility risks and cross-border challenges via our award-winning global payments marketplace. 

We provide online retailers and marketplace sellers with market leading risk management tools, insights, enhanced user experience, API’s and 24/5 trading access. We aim to democratise the type of currency services normally reserved for Mid-Cap & FTSE 100 companies.  

Our network of secure and vetted payment partners brings clients unparalleled global banking coverage, enabling lowest cost and the fastest transfers. Our pricing is 100% transparent and clear. Behind every transfer lies a story, so we support our clients via expert, personalised guidance. 

With offices in London & Tel Aviv, the online platform is used by over 6,500 clients in over 20 countries.


  • Founders: Christer Holloman, Anders Hallsten, Fredrik Borgquist

Divido is a ‘Finance as a Service’ provider; a platform for merchants, lenders and intermediaries that want to offer instant new credit as a payment option to their end-consumers and corporate clients. Backed by the people behind Skype and WorldPay the company launched in 2015 and already has 200+ partners using its solution including some of the world’s most known brands.


  • Founder: Adam Levene

Hero is powering LIVE shopping for many of the world’s fastest-growing retailers. Described by Business Insider as like “WhatsApp for shopping”, Hero combines messaging, video and AI to connect online shoppers with expert associates in-store.

Through an unrivalled shopping experience that bridges the gap between eCommerce and in-store, Hero’s technology is accelerating growth of conversion rates by up to 10x for leading fashion, homeware and jewelry brands across Europe, US and the Middle East.

Founded in 2015 by the pioneers of app commerce, Hero is privately-funded by global retail and technology investors. It has been featured by Apple, WGSN and The Times.


  • Founders: Cristina Holm & Steve Johnson

Personalisation (recommendation) software for Fashion retailing. Matches clothes to customers. Tech that starts in-store. Turns sales assistants into personal stylists. Migrates to powerful effect online.

Increases full value sales. Reduces returns to less than 10%. Wins customer loyalty on their first visit. Feel at home with what you wear. HOLM.


  • Founders: Sri Sharma, Satish Jayakumar

Online retailers experience fierce competition and ever-increasing acquisition costs. In this environment, technology that can improve basket size and revenue per customer is invaluable. 

Amazon are masters in ecommerce and inspired billion dollar industries that enable ecommerce retailers to compete. These include site search, product reviews and product recommendations.

Increasingly are pioneering the new industry of dynamic cross selling, an area that Amazon use to increase revenue 10-12%. Of the top 20 uk retailers, only two are using such a dynamic approach.

Surveying 50 major UK retailers, the key problem lies in the lack of automation solutions and the lack of analytical resources in their ecommerce teams to foster a solution to cross selling products.

The increasingly solution automates how brands can cross-sell and crucially uses UX to enable a seamless user experience. Leveraging machine learning and personalisation, we drive revenues up +15%.

Within the first four months of launching Increasingly, we have signed 10 major brands including Samsung, Travis Perkins, Ryman, AEG, Electrolux and Harper Collins Books.


  • Founders: Julian & Giles Corbett

Ksubaka was founded by Julian & Giles Corbett in Singapore in 2013 and currently has 25+ employees with offices in Singapore (HQ), Shanghai, London. Ksubaka is privately funded.

Ksubaka is the next generation of retail media space, deploying interactive touch screen displays we call “playSpots,” in high traffic retail stores across Asia. We offer brands a new way to attract, engage and convert shoppers to buyers at the most relevant time, when they are shopping and just a few feet from the products. We leverage the language of games using “Gamified Brand Experiences” to engage and delight shoppers in minute long experiences we call Mojo’s (“Moments of Joy”), communicating the reasons to believe in the brand and offering them an immediate incentive to purchase the product or follow the brand online.

We remotely manage these playSpots using our proprietary software platform, allowing Ksubaka to provide advertisers with real-time monitoring of activity and the ability to optimize their campaign on the fly. Ksubaka is the first offline retail media with this capability and is currently projected to deliver 50m Mojo’s per month by the end of 2017. Existing customers include some of the leading global brands including; P&G, Unilever, Coke, Nestle, Mondelez, Heineken, Colgate, Kellogg’s, and more.


  • Founders: Polly Barnfield, Paul Inman

Maybe is a platform that enables shoppers to have a seamless retail experience across online and offline channels and retailers to deliver omnichannel experiences without deploying any additional technology.

The Maybe platform works, today, for all UK retailers regardless of size or technical capability, across all channels and on all devices. We are going to market through a social campaign, #WDYT, What do you Think, that we will run with towns and cities across the UK.

The campaign, #WDYT, has been successfully piloted in three Gloucestershire towns and is now preparing for a national launch. The pilot has emphasised the huge digital divide that exists on our high streets. Up to 74% of High Street retailers do not have an active Social Media presence.

By 2020 it widely predicted that 80% of retail will still be offline, however, close to 50% of all offline purchases will be influenced by a digital experience and this will continue to rise.

The Maybe platform makes digital influence easy for retailers to deliver and enhances a shoppers’ cross-channel retail experience by seamlessly linking the physical and digital purchase journey.

The #WDYT campaign is helping demonstrate to towns and high street retailers how you can use digital channels to drive physical footfall. Maybe have secured support from Trinity Mirror PLC and Nominet to increase the reach of the campaign when launched in Q2 2017.

Mention Me

  • Founders: Andy Cockburn and Tim Boughton

In a world where building trust with brand advertising is getting tougher and digital marketing more complicated, Mention Me started from the idea that the oldest and most sincere form of advertising: a recommendation from a friend, matters more than ever.

Mention Me empowers retailers to tap into and optimise referral marketing with its unique software platform. In addition to the ubiquitous referral channels (links, social media) our patent-pending technology enables customers to refer using just their name - no codes to remember. Retailers using Mention Me can segment and AB test their referral offers, ensuring their referral marketing channel reaches maximum potential.

Established in 2013 and based in London, Mention Me is used by brands like Farfetch,, ZipCar, Sweaty Betty, Missguided, eHarmony, Eve Mattresses and Arcadia. We help these clients leverage the positive sentiment of their own satisfied customers, bringing new ones proven to deliver higher average order value, lifetime value and brand loyalty.


  • Founder: Olga Kotsur

Mercaux is an in-store technology that brings digital to offline retail environment. In the hands of sales assistants, it transforms the way customers are served, boosts sales, and builds long-term brand loyalty.

Mercaux modular solution consists of an app for sales assistants and in-store tablets for customers that are run from a head office-controlled platform.

Tablet app provides sales assistants with all product information at their fingertips such as stock availability, cross-sell and alternatives suggestions, access to a full catalogue, complete outfits created by stylists and sales people, social media content, and more. It allows to pay for a product from the device, order online, and support Click & Collect orders with matching product recommendations. The app keeps store staff focused on selling more through higher Conversion and increased UPT, as well as on providing better customer service.

With Mercaux Web Platform, HQs can manage app content, control store activities, and channel information real-time (e.g. training materials, VM guidelines, promotions and campaigns). In addition, the platform serves as a store reporting tool and provides highly valuable analytics based on the in-store data it keeps track of.

Mercaux has proved its effectiveness through work with global retailers such as United Colors of Benetton, KIKO Milano, Loriblu, and L.K. Bennett, and demonstrated its ability to increase same store sales by 8-12%. It seamlessly integrates with existing inventory and e-commerce systems, and can be ready for an in-store launch within a month.


  • Founders: Mustafa Khanwala and Tanvi Bhardwaj 

MishiPay allows shoppers to pick up an item, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with the phone and simply walk out of the door with it. If they try to steal, our patent-pending technology immediately catches them and sounds the alarm.

So we don’t just reduce the queue but completely eliminate it, while ensuring security and still using existing barcodes. That creates an Amazon Go customer experience for every retailer, whilst maintaining current systems, not needing to change internal infrastructure, and enhancing staff-shopper interaction.

This will help ensure retailers get back the $200 Billion lost in sales every year due to queuing and bring the best parts of online shopping into the physical world, thus making shopping on the high street just as seamless as shopping online.


Namogoo protects retailers such as Argos, N Brown, Ocado, Gap, ToysRUs, Dreams and others from two key threats facing e-commerce today.

Application Side Bots

E-commerce sites are being flooded by a new breed of bots that reside at the application/browser layer making them extremely difficult or in many cases, impossible for existing server-side bot solutions to detect.

Content crawlers, price scrapers, cart stuffers and fraudulent card/credential checkers collect valuable information and heavily distort crucial site analytics.

Client Side (Digital) Malware

Malicious browser extensions and software on the customer’s device or network are injecting pop-ups, banner ads and scripts, piggybacking on the e-commerce site’s traffic, redirecting customers and siphoning revenue from redirects.

Namogoo’s sophisticated Machine-Learning based algorithms remediate against both these threats keeping e-commerce sites free of malicious bot activity and site sessions safe and distraction-free.


NeuroApplied empowers brand managers to understand their customers’ thoughts and quantify them.

Our technology accurately measures the true brand perception by consumers, advertising campaign effectiveness and pre-launch creative and packaging to align with brand positioning and messaging goals.

Unlike traditional market research methods, our tool reads subconscious thoughts objectively.

It does it in a mobile, quick and convenient way, which is also fun to interact with. We use Neuro-Cognitive science combined with Deep Neural Networks algorithms to transform the realm of Branding into an affordable, intuitive, visual and instantaneous data-driven process.


  • Founders: Ivan Mazour (CEO), Djalal Lougouev (CPO), Al James (CTO), James Dunford Wood (CCO)

Founded in 2013 by four serial entrepreneurs, Ometria has developed a proprietary retail-focused customer insight and cross-channel marketing platform able to identify individual customers and create cross-device profiles, aggregate all relevant data about them in real-time, and use that combined data to power highly personalised automated marketing across email, Facebook, Instagram, Google and other relevant channels.

Ometria collects billions of data points on over twenty million individually-identified consumers, and now powers marketing for the over sixty of the fastest growing retail and ecommerce businesses such as Charlotte Tilbury, and Lost My Name. These businesses, and many more, benefit from increased repeat purchase rate, increased customer lifetime value and increased revenue.

Ometria has been invested in by London’s top entrepreneurs and investors, including founders of top SaaS and ecommerce businesses such as Huddle, Shutl, Skimlinks, QXL and Kelkoo, as well as executives from AOL and Swiftkey and top funds including SaatchInvest, Force Over Mass Capital and Inventure Partners.


  • Founder: Ed Moore

Oplift is an award winning employee engagement app, which has already launched in Virgin Media stores all across the UK, landing us the overall winner of the Retail Systems 2016 Awards.

Our innovative technology platform allows for head office to immerse themselves with the day-to-day of front line staff to create an efficient, unified working culture.

The digital age is upon us where everything is in real time, our platform keeps all employees up to date on daily news, company updates, important documentation, new products, offers, and team achievements.

It is targeted and relevant with location specific issues and checks, notifications only to those who haven’t read specific content, news sent for location specific offers, and updates to whole teams or particular regions. Whilst also being intuitive, staff can engage with articles and videos which they find most useful for them to do the best job. The news feed allows for continuous learning and prevents stunted brand knowledge thus creating a dynamic working culture where employee’s knowledge can be endless.This gives your employees an aptitude for their role with on-hand searchable articles and videos to create a workforce who are naturally ahead of the game who are plugged into what is happening within the company at the moment, and have their finger on the pulse for tomorrow. Custom apps can also be built on top of our universal login.

Oplift allows you to create mass company engagement and immersive learning, for efficient, collaborative and knowledgable employees.


  • Founder: Pini Yakuel

Optimove is the leading Customer Marketing Cloud, helping over 250 brands drive their entire customer marketing operation.

Optimove combines the science of data and the art of marketing, empowering brands to plan and manage highly-effective personalized customer communications – both pre-scheduled and in response to realtime customer behaviors – across single or multiple channels, including email, in-app, push notification, SMS, Facebook and Google Ads

Utilising machine learning and big data processing, Optimove models customer behavior and predicts future value and tendencies, helping marketers to deliver personalized, self-optimizing CRM campaigns. Optimove’s unique suite of technologies is geared towards maximizing customer engagement, brand loyalty and overall lifetime value.

Optimove is used by leading retailers, including 1-800-Flowers, Lucky Vitamin, eBags, Adore Me, Freshly, La Perla and Nelly. The company employs 130+ people across its New York, London and Tel Aviv offices.


  • Founder: Samuel Dean

Pricesearcher is a search engine, our mission is to index all the world’s prices.

Over 1m searches a month currently take place on Pricesearcher from consumers looking to buy, research and discover goods and services.

For consumers, we believe that wherever they are, consumers should have unparalleled choice to discover products, prices and services that meet their needs.

For sellers…We believe retailers, brands and sellers of all sizes should have a platform to display their products to the world, with zero barriers to entry. There is zero cost to list and zero development to list.

Pricesearcher has been years in development. We have so far indexed over 300m products (Jan 2017). We’re seeing over 1m product searches a month from consumers. We have over 5 Bn points of price data to give consumers un-paralleled information on historical prices, reviews and buying guides. Searches are growing at 50% MoM.

We’ve had product feeds already from hundreds of retailers, brands and marketplaces using our automated merchant hub and our magento and shopify plug-ins, they typically go live within 24 hours.

Retailers and brands are receiving free, organic traffic of motivated buyers through pricesearcher. It’s always on, always free. Sellers who have already benefitted from free traffic and sales include The Entertainer, F.Hinds, ebuyer, Blackwells, Fruugo, Newegg, and hundreds of others.

Recent data has shown that consumers using Pricesearcher convert at double the rate of other search engines.

QualiTest Group

  • Founders: Eli Margolin and Ayal Zylberman

QualiTest is the world’s second largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialist.

QualiTest designs and delivers solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with cutting-edge, testing technology. With a strong presence in the retail sector, QualiTest has created a structured methodology for testing retail systems and developed dedicated tools to test data conversion and integration.

QualiTest understands that to ensure the smooth and correct operation of a sophisticated retail system (including POS, CMS, data warehousing and ecomm), the business process must be completely comprehensive and simulated prior to field deployment.

A complete solution, all wrapped up by QualiTest’s expertise and experience, would seek hidden security flaws, test UI and Ux for fickle mobile customers, ensure localization needs for a global marketplace, and track each data element included in each web service.

Beyond retail, QualiTest also offers a wide range of personalized industry testing solutions with years of expertise including technology, telecom, healthcare, finance, defense, media and utilities. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India, the company serves hundreds of customers and employs thousands of experienced professionals worldwide.

QualiTest is backed by majority equity holder, Marlin Equity Partners since 2016.

Reward Technology

Having previously co-founded one of the leading global retail data analysis companies, we knew first-hand the huge gap between the blue-sky thinking technologies focused on delivering insight and engagement and the average customer retailers really have. We filled that gap with a large helping of common sense, based on a total understanding of real customer behaviour.

Our vision was to remove every technology barrier for customers to engage in digital loyalty solutions, we succeeded.

Just because mobile is the future, it does not mean looking at the next shiny innovation coming along in mobile and manipulating it to find a way of putting that “square block into the round hole”. It’s about mass adoption, ease of use, relevance, personalisation and simplicity.

We detect customers at the point they enter your store by detecting our embedded chip that is in their loyalty card, buried away in their pocket. Then, the magic happens, the most relevant next best offers, based on the time of day, day of week, categories they shop in, their price sensitivity, their brand loyalty etc. are used to deliver offers to every phone ever invented. The customer gets the offers in the media channel that suits them, Granny gets the offers to her Nokia 3310 by SMS, her grandson on his Apple 8S through a Social Media App. Redeeming offers is seamless, scan the loyalty card and it’s done.

Grow customer engagement by delivering offers as they enter, not paper coupons as they leave.

SFD Systems Ltd

  • Founder: Chris Brown

SFD Systems is set to transform the face of retail with its digital shelf-edge displays.

Our vibrant, full-colour digital price display units free retailers of the enormous cost and frustration of keeping paper price tickets and promotions up to date.

Bringing new opportunities for price-matching, discounting perishable stock, targeted pricing and video promotions at the shelf-edge, our internet-connected technology is easy to install and instantly lifts the store environment.

The system is now live with a UK retailer and we are set to roll-out across the globe over the next few months.


  • Founder: Steve Gray

We help brands to engage more effectively with their customers through a combination of strategy consulting, big data analytics, customer insight, loyalty marketing, CRM & personalisation.

Shopest LLC

  • Founder: Sara Ahmadi

SHOPEST is Shopping Rediscovered, making nearby Fashion Retail, Discoverable, Searchable and Shoppable in real-time.

Our location based technology platform that connects retailers to shoppers on-demand.

Providing personalised and integrated experiences for the shopper and a hyper local marketing tool for the retailers, disrupting the £2.2 trillion global fashion industry and creating a rapidly scalable company in the process.


  • Founders: Ian Hogg, Lee Bowden, Nick Hill

Shopworks provide a bespoke staff-scheduling platform for retail chains available as Software as a Service (SAAS). We are revolutionizing the way enterprise software is delivered. We help retailers in three key ways:

  1. We help increase revenue by checking rosters against demand levels, ensuring retailers have enough staff to meet customer demand.
  2. Saving them money – on average 7% of staff costs - because rosters are checked against budget before approval and only the correct amount is paid to each employee.
  3. Improve compliance – by checking each roster against regulatory requirements such as the WTD and rules on non EU migrants.

We provide every retailer with the same code base but we bespoke each customer implementation by switching on and off bespoke functionality as required. This delivers the benefits of SAAS including lower costs and improved uptime, whilst delivering the detailed functionality efficient modern retailers need. We are currently in retailers with between 200 and 20,000 staff and retail chains of up to 2,000 outlets. Our platform integrates into HR, Payroll, Finance and EPOS systems, it also holds the detailed pay and holiday rules for all staff. We offer biometric time and attendance, leave management, built in e Learning and a staff self-service portal as part of our platform.

We give all new customers a three month free trial, don’t charge a penny until our system is proven and then put customers on a 30 day contract. We offer a completely new way to deal with bespoke enterprise software.


  • Founder: Karoline Gross

Smartzer’s video players turn existing videos interactive and shoppable. Products can be clicked in instantly see more information and a link to shop. This helps brands and retailers monetise their existing content and access detailed video analytics from both on site, Twitter and out-stream video ads.


Splitit is an innovative and patented online technology platform that allows online retailers to offer their shoppers seamless Interest Free Instalment Payments! 

How it works? Using the consumer’s available credit on a preexisting MasterCard or Visa card (without credit application or credit check) the merchant can offer his consumer’s monthly instalments instantly, and receive the funds from his processor exactly as he is receiving them today all on the shopping cart checkout page.

Splitit’s unique service helps sellers boost their revenue and increase conversion rates and average tickets sizes.

Stop by our booth at the Start-up Zone, we will be pleased to share more insight on our Splitit solution.


  • Founder: Peter Wake

StorIQ is razor-focused on retail operations and store communication.

Our cloud-based software-as-a-service helps retail operations stakeholders (store managers, area managers, visual merchandising, and head office) improve the performance of the retail portfolio through better communication and task management.

We have 3 modules that combined make up the StorIQ platform.

  1. StorIQ Store Comms: for head office to store communications including all digital communication, electronic surveys and forms, task management, etc.
  2. StorIQ Area Manager: mobile checklist based field team store visits / audits with task management
  3. StorIQ Store View: photo sharing with VM & Promotional campaign management, feedback and task management

All of the above sit on a single could-based platform that is easy to access from just about any device and there are a host of useful reports to help central operations get real clarity into what is happening on a store, region and country level from a retail ops perspective.

As a team, we have over 30 years experience in delivering cloud solutions. Since our inception, we have had the vision to sell our product globally, ensuring cloud deployment capability, and ability for the software to be internationalised. StorIQ is now available in 17 languages and deployed in 33 countries.


  • Founders: Ofer Fryman, Idan Pinto, Dr. Helge Voss

Syte is a fashion visual search and image recognition platform that actually works.

Retailers: can transform ‘out of stocks’ into endless opportunities, increase basket size by enabling “shop the look”, and increase conversion rates by automatically discovering and placing Instagram and other real world images to their relevant product page.

Publishers: can automatically transform images to a shoppable eCommerce opportunity.

Background: The idea of visual search for fashion is not a new but technology has not been able to deliver credible results and human tagging is slow, unaffordable, and most importantly not scalable.

  • Founder: Steve Carruthers is the worlds most advanced and unique customer messaging platform that enables connected customers to send positive messages to anybody, in any organisation, anywhere in the world- instantly and hassle free.

Beautifully simple, it has been developed to inspires & motivate your team, whilst empowering and engaging the customer, tosay is a global first, it works on personal engagement and real human interaction, developing personalised connectivity to enhance the customer experience.


  • Founders: Joel Bar-El & Dror Feldheim 

Trax Image Recognition is the world leader in computer vision solutions for retail.

The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and the ability to leverage competitive insights through their in-store execution tools, market measurement service and data science to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale.

Trax does this using iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets to gain actionable shelf analytics in real-time. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America, top brands and retailers such as Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Heineken, Nestle and Henkel leverage Trax in over 45 markets to manage their in-store execution and increase revenues at the shelf.

Founded in 2010, Trax has raised a total of US$97.5 million to date.


  • Founders: Yaron Oliker & Alon Dayan

Unbotify provides a revolutionary SaaS product for detecting fraudulent bots on the web in real time and with unprecedented accuracy.

Bots are carrying out various attacks on websites and web applications, causing tremendous damages to e-commerce sites, advertisers, online retailers and financial institutes.

They are responsible for the loss of Billions of Dollars each year through ad-fraud, they are used to carry out account take over (ATO) attacks against login pages and are applied to scrape competitor sites and steal prices, content and availability of products.

The market standard methods for bot detection and mitigation fall short of solving the problem, as bots are now able to imitate human-like features on almost all parameters inspected by existing detection methods.

Our unique technology leverages behavioral biometrics to inspect the biometric level fingerprint of every user in real time, thus focusing on the data point that is hardest to spoof for fraudsters and presenting a new level of defense against automated attacks.

We’re currently working with our first customers, including two of the top five global travel websites, leading financial institutions, gaming companies, and e-commerce websites. Our patent pending technology is a best-in-class solution for automated attack detection.


  • Founder: Mats Forsberg

Urb-it’s seamless service brings the in store shopping experience to you wherever you are and at a time that you choose with a perfect, personalised and precise handover.

Urb-it was born out of the Omni-Channel Revolution:

  • In urban areas - 80% of goods sold online are available in a local store
  • 9 out of 10 will pay a premium for an excellent customer experience
  • 9 out of 10 want to choose when and where to have their goods delivered
  • Omni-Channel customers convert better, spend more and shop more often
  • 84% of shoppers have used digital before or during their latest store visit

The customer shops in our app or on your website and selects the Urb-it service. They can decide to get their shopping straight away or at a specific time that suits them or send it as a gift!

Our Urbers collect the products from a shop and head towards the customer’s chosen handover location. The customer is able to track the journey in the app.

The Urber personally hands over the product to the customer at a time and place of their choosing, using only public transport and their feet! Urb-it is a completely green service

If you live, work or play in London, Urb-it lets you shop on your mobile and have your purchases brought to your home, your office, or even your lunch table, immediately.

Urb-it shopping is simple, convenient and sustainable. It’s shopping as it should be.


Founders: Jack Philbin and Alex Campbell

Vibes is an international leader in mobile marketing engagement, helping brands reach consumers on the go.

We help marketers unlock new revenue by arming them with the technology and expertise they need to succeed in mobile. Catapult, our very own mobile engagement SaaS platform, enables marketers to manage all mobile communication channels easily including text messaging, push notifications, Apple Wallet, Android Pay and mobile web campaigns — all through a single interface.

Vibes has delivered more than five billion mobile experiences on behalf of customers that include Chipotle, Gap, Old Navy, Home Depot, Pet Smart, Foot Locker and Allstate and is recognised as one of only four Tier 1 aggregators by the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA).

This means that we cut out the middle man to launch effective campaigns and resolve problems faster. Our customers draw on the expertise of 150 of the best minds in mobile technology and marketing. Gartner Research named Vibes a “Cool Vendor in Mobile Marketing” and Forrester Research, Inc. has featured Vibes in its Mobile Messaging Vendor Overview and The Future of Mobile Wallets reports.


Founders: Raphael Chow, Patrick McClurg, Dmitry Ivanov

WeVat is digitising tax free shopping, making VAT refunds easy for retailers and travellers in the EU.

The current process is painful – shoppers fill out paper forms at every store, queue to get them stamped at the airport and pay up to 60% in fees.

With our digital service, travellers get their money in three simple steps: 1) give email at the store, 2) download app, 3) scan ID and boarding pass.

Our digital processes and low overheads mean that retailers can reap greater commercial benefits from tax free shopping whilst enhancing customer experience.


  • Founders: Paul Roiter & Phil Watts

Xelix enables retailers to generate major cost savings by offering to pay their suppliers earlier in return for discounts. These savings deliver incremental EBITDA for the retailer, whilst suppliers get the option to access immediate working capital. With banks paying c. 0.1% on savings, holding on to excess cash delivers negligible benefit. In contrast, Xelix customers are achieving 12-20% APR’s by investing in early payments (with zero risk - the invoices need paying anyway).

Early settlement is not a new concept, but the challenge is the administration - how does a retailer manage this process across hundreds or even thousands of suppliers? Xelix does this elegantly and has been designed to be dead simple for both the retailer and their suppliers.

The software does not require an IT/systems integration and can be implemented in a matter of days, driving immediate savings for the retailer.


  • Founders: Rob Liddiard and Craig McMillan

Yapster is the mobile chat app for retail and hospitality teams.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of fast, open communication to staff who rarely, if ever, have access to a desktop computer, especially those in front line service roles.

Unlike WhatsApp and other free-to-use platforms, Yapster is under the full control of our customers and allows colleagues to interact in a secure, closed environment. It also integrates with existing HR and operations systems, which makes administration effortless.

With just a few swipes, anyone in your organisation can look people up in the mobile staff directory, start 1-1 and group chats, flag if they need to swap a shift, and track individual and team performance against sales targets.

Some of the UK’s biggest retail and hospitality brands are already using Yapster to drive sales, improve job satisfaction and lower staff turnover.

ZigZag Global

  • Founders: Al Gerrie & Laurence Guy

ZigZag is a SAAS platform that helps retailers manage eCommerce returns globally. Returns are sent back via a consumer facing portal and can be consolidated in a network of over 200 warehouses for bulk reverse shipping by over 40 integrated couriers. Goods can also be stored locally and shipped to a new customer or resold via 26 marketplaces without the need to transport goods back to the retailer. All from a single integration.

ZigZag can use accurate sales data to understand where your products will sell best. So rather than sending all products back to one warehouse, ZigZag will route goods intelligently to where they have the highest propensity to sell. ZigZag’s intelligent returns technology is truly market leading.

ZigZag’s mission is to improve the customer service and international returns proposition of online retailers, reduce costs, boost their customer retention and increase their sales.

ZigZag aims to increase customer satisfaction when customers deal with retailers, to speed up the returns and customer service process when retailers communicate with customers, and to streamline the returns solution order in all possible ways, whilst creating new revenue in an efficient way that is also environmentally friendly.

ZigZag recently won a Global award at the World Retail Congress in Dubai for innovation and were shortlisted for Innovation of the Year by Retail Week at the Tech and EComm Awards, Mark of Excellence - Disruptor of the Year 2016 - Supply Chain Awards, Winner at London Technology Week – GetInTheRing, Alpha Start-up – WebSummit 2016.