Comet managing director targets trust role
Product knowledge and 'sharp pricing' will help Comet achieve its aim of becoming 'Britain's most trusted electrical specialist', managing director Simon Fox claimed at the Retail Week Conference today.

However, Fox conceded that those customers who are determined to buy on lowest price would buy online and not from Comet stores, no matter how much the retailer improves its customer service.

'If that's what they want to do then we can't stop them,' he conceded. 'But I still believe that many customers are cautious about buying from lowest price, no-brand internet retailers.'

Fox said that competitive pricing was now a given in the electricals sector and stressed: 'As a retailer you simply can't afford to be out on price, even for a single day.'

However, he said that the upside of price deflation in the market is that premium products, such as plasma television screens, have become accessible to a wider customer base.

Fox outlined the customer service plan for Comet, launched in August, which includes moment mapping, a 160-item staff guidance list and scripted staff sales introductions in a wide-ranging attempt to reposition the Comet brand.