Retail Solutions - Mills forks out £750k on EPoS system overhaul

Convenience store chain Mills Group has handed Anker Systems a£750,000 contract for an EPoS and store management system for its 57 outlets across the Northeast, northwest Cumbria and East Midlands. A further 25 stores in the West Midlands and south Wales are also in line for the upgrade, as a result of recent acquisitions by Mills.

The aim of the implementation is to give Mills central control over pricing, stock and reporting, reducing the administrative workloads of local store managers.

Mills managing director Nigel Mills said: 'The system will provide us with the ideal technical support as we continue to establish ourselves as a strong national retailer.

'The centralisation of this operation will allow store managers to concentrate on customer service. There will also be a greater uniform communication throughout the store network, specifically promotions and stock additions, which can be highlighted to managers through the system.'

Another key driver for the contract was the need to upgrade the retailer's in-store till points for Chip and PIN transaction processing.