Retail Property - Asda threatens council in delay over car park

Supermarket giant Asda is threatening legal action against a county council that has failed to make a decision on a planning application.

In an ultimatum issued by Asda on December 15, the retailer gave Leicestershire County Council eight weeks to rule on plans for a car park at its Fosse Park superstore.

If no decision has been made by then, Asda intends to force a potentially costly public inquiry.

The retailer wants to install another exit from its car park to relieve crippling traffic congestion.

Asda's original application was turned down more than two years ago.

A revised bid was submitted in October 2002, but there has still been no decision.

An Asda spokesman said the retailer was 'amazed that the decision is caught up in red tape'.

A council spokesman said a meeting was being arranged with Asda to 'try to find a way forward'.

Asda president Tony DeNunzio recently highlighted planning issues as a key area of concern for retailers.